What are the most expensive Lego sets that might have Black Friday deals this year?

Lego sets are perhaps some of the most marked-up products you can find, often retailing for huge prices despite being collections of plastic bricks. Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are getting near and, if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance these plastic bricks are on your buying list.

If money were no object, and neither was space in your house or judgment of peers, what would be the best Lego set to buy? Well, definitely one of the super-expensive few that come with thousands of bricks and depict iconic structures, vehicles and other things.

You’ve probably seen ‘most expensive Lego set’ lists before, featuring rare, exclusive or old kits, but we wanted to do something more aspirational, so we’ve instead researched the most expensive kits you can still pick up. More than that, though, we’ve decided to find the ones that might be discounted in the best Lego Black Friday deals. This means we’re ruling out ones that are discontinued, hard to find, or unlikely to see discounts.

If you’ve got lots of money lying around, or have worked hard to save up, the following kits might be tempting for you. If you think they’re a little bit / hugely out of your price range, perhaps it’s just a fun list to survey the Lego landscape. And in case you’re really tempted but know the kits cost too much, we’ve also looked for alternatives you might prefer.

Bear in mind, when we bring up the price of a product, that was its launch or ‘official’ price. Different retailers might sell it for more or less, and we’ve added automatic price checking widgets that find the price for them in your region.

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer

Lego Star Wars Star Destroyer (Image credit: Lego)

1. Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 

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