Search Volume for the Keyword BITCOIN Touches 8.9M, the highest ever since December 2017

  • The global search volume for the Keyword Bitcoin reached an all-time high of 8.9M searches, where previously it was 2.5M during its bull market in December 2017.
  • On November 18, the total count of addresses related to Bitcoins per hour has surged to reach about 25,000.

Brad Michelson, eToro’s Senior Marketing Manager, in his Tweet, said that it is important to know the data behind search volume in 2017 vs. 2020, as Bitcoin’s price has never surged like before. According to his data, the search volume during the bull run in December 2017 is lower when compared to the bull run in November 2020.

From data collected from SEO data provider SEMrush, he confirmed that the monthly search volume for Bitcoin all around the globe in November 2017 appears to be 8.9M, which is 356% more than the search volume in December 2017 as it previously held about 2.5M.

Differences between the search volumes in Google Trends and SEMrush

Google Trends is a great tool to know the most searched queries in Google. Brad also added a key difference between Google Trends and SEMrush. He said that Google Trends data has not highlighted that Bitcoin’s global search volume in December 2017 is lower than November 2020. 

Even if we look at its results for Bitcoin’s complete till-date searches, it will be far away from the previous all-time high in December 2017. According to its results, this keyword is awarded just 20 points currently while the same was awarded 100 points back in 2017.

Source: Google Trends

Brad also clarified that Google Trends would consider exactly one keyword, and it excludes results consisting of related keywords. For instance, if you search for the word Bitcoin, you’ll be shown the possible results for the keyword. The data in Google Trends will exclude all other related keywords with Bitcoin. 

This is the reason for SEMrush’s data being higher. They also have given correlation on the total count of Bitcoin addresses registered. According to the data from the cryptocurrency analytics service Glassnode the total count of addresses related to Bitcoin per hour has surged to hit 25,000. It is the highest ever since January 2018.

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