New Meals from Sun Basket, a Dr. Pepper Shortage, and Virtual Concession Stands

These days, food tech news is flying by at breakneck speed — sort of like how I’ll be doing this weekend on my paddle board. Before that can happen, though, here are a few last bits of intel from the past week to keep you up to date on your food tech, whether you’re spending the weekend lakeside, curbside, or on your couch. Just don’t plan on a Dr. Pepper to go with it.

Sun Basket launches no-prep meal kits.

Meal kit company Sun Basket this week launched its Fresh & Ready line of products, which the company says can go straight into the microwave or oven and be ready in as little as six minutes. This new line is available as part of Sun Basket’s weekly meal plan subscription, and maintain the company’s focus on fresh, organic ingredients sourced from family-owned farms.  

Refill brings virtual concessions stands to Ohio high schools.

Refill, a company that makes virtual concession stand technology for things like sporting events, announced this week it is testing out its platform in Ohio high schools. The system uses features like contactless ordering and payments to make the process of grabbing grub during a ballgame more efficient and socially distanced.

Kroger is launching a marketplace strategy.

Kroger will double its online grocery inventory through a new digital marketplace strategy. The move, which is an obvious bid to compete with Target, Amazon, and other online heavyweights, will initially focus specialty retailers with natural, organic, and international products. The launch will also include housewares, toys, and other items.

There’s a Dr. Pepper shortage. 

Hang tight, soda lovers. Dr. Pepper had to reassure fans this week that its products would be back on store shelves in full force soon. “We’re doing everything we can to get it back into your hands,” the company tweeted, adding that it’s working with distributors to do so.

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