How to leverage freight-tech as capacity tightens (with video)

Zach Strickland, director of freight market intelligence at FreightWaves, asked Emerge co-founder Andrew Leto the dominant question in most industry executives’ minds: is the market tightening and who holds the pricing power right now – shippers or carriers? 

Emerge, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a digital freight marketplace where shippers and carriers can access direct capacity. Over 500 shippers are active in this marketplace, ranging from retailers to manufacturers. While Leto said the market is recovering, the overall load is 5% lower than anticipated. 

In the video below, Strickland asks Leto how shippers, carriers and brokers should be using technology to help them navigate this uncertain market. While visibility has been on everyone’s radar for the past few years, he said that carriers, shippers and brokers all need to focus on connectivity.

“If you want to be relevant five years from now as a broker, you should be moving towards algorithmic rates,” said Leto. Hear more of Leto’s advice for shippers and carriers in the video.

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