bmobile, PTSC partner for free WiFi on buses, in terminals

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Above: TSTT’s new WiFi capable buses. Photos courtesy TSTT.

At the height of the Carnival festivities,Ian Galt, TSTT’s General Manager Enterprise Services announced that PTSC and the Ministry of Works and Transport gave the people of Trinidad and Tobago yet another reason to celebrate and many more opportunities to connect with the launch of PTSC’s free WiFi initiative and the commissioning of 25 new buses to add to their fleet.

“By outfitting their fleet with free WiFi, PTSC has given commuters a tool to convert travel time into productive time and the opportunity to do more while on-the-go,” Galt said.

“As the technology partner, bmobile will be outfitting PTSC buses with high speed wireless internet that will allow users to enjoy free internet daily.  As the national provider, we commend PTSC on these milestones and their unwavering commitment to enhancing the commuter experience in Trinidad and Tobago. bmobile is proud to walk hand-in-hand with PTSC as we make this future-oriented, people-driven service available to commuters”

Galt noted that people now live in a digital world where they hold their office in the palms of their hands, entertainment centres at their fingertips and do research and network with a click of a button. He also observed that PTSC couldn’t have selected a better technology partner than TSTT to bring this to fruition.

Ian Galt speaking at the PTSC WiFi Launch.

Senator the Honourable Rohan Sinanan, Minister of Works and Transport said that there are over 1 million cars on the local roads.

“If you look at the road network in Trinidad and Tobago, that’s impossible to continue,” he said.

“We cannot just go about buying new buses because we will be back at square one.  This government, after all the studies and consultations, recognized that if we are to deal with the traffic situation, one of the options available to us is to improve the service of the PTSC where people will feel comfortable to leave their cars at home and the PTSC will be the preferred mode of public transportation.  The whole system at PTSC has to change and the change must be technology driven.  This is another step in this direction.”

“The launch of WiFi indicates that PTSC is always innovating and showcasing better services to its commuters. Making wireless internet access available on buses and at terminals brings better communication and the possibility of work productivity to what was historically regarded as time when you couldn’t do much more than read the paper,” said Edwin Gooding, PTSC Chairman.

Gooding thanked bmobile for the partnership and said “We hope that you will continue to stand by our side in this great endeavor of promoting exceptional service to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.”

He explained that public transit systems are essential services to the sustainability, equity and liveability of any country and PTSC’s long term goal is to establish the company as a world class bus company, creating an environment which is conducive to a positive culture of service excellence.

To log on to the free WiFi aboard PTSC buses, go to settings on your mobile device or smartphone, select WiFi settings then the network, click ‘I Accept’ to accept the service terms and conditions, then click ‘Connect’.

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